14 weeks!

26 Jun

I’m a little upset with myself for not making time to post sooner than this, but the end of last week was super busy, and it’s hard to blog on days I’m babysitting. At least I’m still managing to uphold my commitment.

Saturday was B’s birthday. She decided on a pool party/sleepover. Relatively low key, which is nice, but it was a scorcher that day, and pregnant + hot = Not so fun. Our backyard has practically zero shade, thanks to our awning that used to be attached to the side of the house coming crashing down on our heads last winter (our fault, since we forgot to roll it up BEFORE it snowed… D’OH!). But all in all, Bailey and her friends had a fantastic time, so I was happy. And exhausted. No rest for the wicked though, as Sunday saw the Rose Parade in town. At least it wasn’t hot. That was nice.

I am 14 weeks pregnant now… Officially in my second trimester! Yay! The nausea hasn’t completely made itself scarce yet though… I sure hope it’s not going to stick around until little Jaxson makes his appearance. I was hoping my food aversions/ridiculous pickiness would go away too, but alas, I still only ever want to eat completely unnattainable foods. From my childhood. In England. They don’t even exist here! Seriously contemplating getting some relatives to send over care packages. Hubby was giving me the side eye last night when I came to bed with a cheese and onion (raw) sandwich. I don’t care, it was delicious. And besides, yesterday he was chewing Thrills gum, who’s slogan is “It still tastes like soap!”. He made me try a piece. It does. Barf.

On the bright side… I felt Jaxson move yesterday!!!

I think. I’m 98% it was him. It was definitely not gas, and unless my intestines or whatever decided to suddenly punch me, I would say it was a nudge from my little one. Mike has his hand on my belly constantly while we’re lying down, and on Sunday he swore he felt a kick… but I didn’t feel anything. And believe me, I’m hyper-aware of this stuff right now. I told him there’s no way, since I didn’t feel anything, and looking back, that was kinda mean of me. I should have just let him be happy and bask in the glow of his sons ‘kick’. Oops. Bad wifey.

T’s ADHD meds (Concerta) seem to be doing absolutely nothing for him after only 5 short months. Since I feel he really only needs them for school, as I have the opportunity and time to be one on one with him here at home, I’m taking him off them for the summer at the doctors OK. Why should I be putting $100 a month medication into T’s system if it’s not helping him? He’s been accepted into a school that caters specifically to children with behavioural disorders starting next year which I’m touring on Thursday, so I think I’ll keep him off meds until he starts, and go from there. It just saddens me so much, he was doing so well for a few months, and now it seems we’re back to square one, he’s aggressive and disruptive, can’t focus, is putting himself at risk of getting hurt… I broke down and cried after the report from his school yesterday. 2 more days. Only 2 more days and then he’s my sweet boy all summer. School is so frustrating for him.

I decided I’m adding some pilates and a little extra cardio to my current pregnancy workout regime of yoga. Wrapping this up now to fit one more quick routine before I’m off to the school to pick T up, I’ll be back in a day or two (depending on how interesting my life is these next few days).


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