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Bitchy McBitcherson.

30 Jul

I am one crabby preggo lately. Seriously, I am full blown snapping at the slightest thing. The kids have me tearing my hair out, because as much as I want to just ground them to their rooms all summer so that I don’t have to clean up their shit or break up arguments, that’s not fair, and so I suffer. Asshole strangers in stores are conspiring against me, blocking me from getting my munchables with their carts after making eye contact and seeing that I clearly want to grab that bag of cheetos there. And don’t get me started on people stopping by to visit without checking it’s OK first. I value my peace and quiet very much when I can get it. Don’t interrupt me.

Todays bitch? My neighbour/friend across the road is totally stepping on my toes when it comes to B. Calling her “the daughter she never had”, having her over to play but not bothering to get her back in time when she knows we have plans, undermining me when it comes to our family rules… I’m getting to the point where I don’t want B to go over there to play anymore, because this woman clearly thinks she runs her life. I’m sorry, but no. She is NOT your daughter, she is mine. If I say she has to wear a life jacket when we swim in the Quarry and not just use a pool noodle, she WILL wear that life jacket. Not to mention, if T goes over with B to play with my neighbours son (we’ll call him W), within half an hour T is sent home because W picks on him but knows how to hide it, and so T becomes the scapegoat for reacting. She always wants to take B places with her, but T is never included (poor little guy), and gets upset. I have to go and bring B home for dinner, because apparently neighbour thinks that she doesn’t need to eat and there have been nights where I’ve said “you know what, lets see if neighbour has any common sense and sends B home for dinner”… B wasn’t home until 9 and she was starved. Today, B has cheer practice. She went to play with W, neighbour knowing B had to be back after lunch to get ready… it is 2:10 right now, she’s being picked up at 3, and I just had to send for her because neighbour couldn’t be bothered sending her home. I am beyond furious, but quite frankly, all our neighbours are mega assholes, and we at least get along with these ones so I have to be delicate dealing with this and I’m just not sure how. UGH.

/Vent over. I apologize if that didn’t make much sense.


Is it Friday yet?

25 Jul

I have had such a crappy past few days. T’s ADHD is just getting progressivly more difficult for me to handle the bigger my belly gets. I think I’m going to have to set up an appointment with the doctor sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, we discovered that he is getting back into his old habit of stealing food from the kitchen. Since he gets up at the crack of dawn, he’s using the time before I wake up to go and help himself to whatever he pleases. I did a little research and was slightly comforted to find that this could very well be due to his ADHD, that a lot of ADHD kids use food as a way to comfort and calm themselves. At any rate, we can’t let it go on or he’s going to end up obese, and I’ll go broke trying to replace all the food he’s eating. So, we have resorted to locking the kitchen door until I wake up for the time being. This is not something I want to be doing forever though, so hopefully once I get T back in with a psychologist and back on his meds it will ease off. I was also told that green tea has a calming effect, so I may try that out after more research.

Yesterdays events already had me feeling like I wanted to scream/cry/beat up my pillows. Then today rolls around.

B and T went to the park down the road with some of B’s friends. I enjoy the peace and quiet, have a nice shower, get some cleaning done, and then B comes in the house and tells me there is a lady outside to see me. Uh oh. So I go to the door, and a very nice woman informs me that Tristan had CLIMBED ON TOP OF A FUCKING 2 STORY SLIDE ENCLOSURE AND GOT STUCK. They had to call park maintenance to get him down. I am so, so thankful that he didn’t fall, but even more so I am furious that he didn’t listen to my park safety rules. Needless to say, the kids are no longer allowed to make the trek to the park themselves, or I fear I may lose my mind and end up committed.

And for the rest of the day, I have been fighting back tears.
But, on a cheerful note, M just pulled in the driveway, so I’ll cut this short and post again tomorrow.


23 Jul

First of all – OH. MY. GAWD! The crib I want is on sale on Amazon. The Stork Craft Monza II. It’s so pretty. Just need to talk M into taking the plunge and ordering it. We’re slowly amassing baby items (we have a highchair, a travel system, a diaper pail, and a jogging stroller), but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes me as excited as this crib does.

I want this crib!
See how pretty?

We had a yard sale over the weekend. We didn’t get rid of nearly half our stuff, but we did make $400, so I’ll take that. Hooray, Marineland passes! Unfortunately, the stupid race-ready go-kart M picked up for SIX HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS did not go. I told him not to buy it. I told him! He wanted to get T into racing it, but it’s too damn fast. And it cost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Nor did the bumper car that he just showed up with one day sell. “Oh, it’ll sell so fast, don’t worry. It’s from Crystal Beach before it closed down, we’ll get like $200 for it!”… No, no we won’t. At least not so far. We’ve been offered $50 and we’ve had it for a good 2 months at least. And us women get flack for shopping? At least clothes and shoes are useful.

My pregnancy is still going well and will hopefully continue that way. I post in some pregnancy forums and a girl posted this morning about how she just lost her baby at 17 weeks along. I hate reading those kinds of posts. It’s so sad for the people who are actually living it, I can’t even begin to imagine their pain, and it just scares the hell out of me. There were no signs, nothing. She just went to her doctor and discovered her baby had gone. It breaks my heart to think about it.

On a happier pregnancy note, I think my boy has inherited his parents taste for spicy foods. I had a spicy taco over the weekend, and oh my goodness, the kicks I felt! They were so strong! Today as well, I had a spicy chicken Mr. Noodle, and before I was even finished it I could feel him flipping all over in there. I mean, that could be a sign that he hates it, but I’m just going to go with him having a genetic disposition for it. No heartburn for me either, hooray!

Something in this room smells like feet really bad. It’s not me, either. The kids aren’t home, and neither is M. I think it’s the air conditioner, which means I’m just going to have to suck it up and deal with it, because no way in hell am I turning it off and sweating my metaphorical balls off all afternoon. Screw that.

I guess I should get going, B has cheer today and I need to pack her snacks. Hopefully something interesting will happen this week so I can post something other than whatever pops into my head for a change. I really suck at this blogging thing. Until next time!

In the heat of summer.

17 Jul

It. Is. So. Hot.

I was never pregnant in the summer with T. I mean, I was, but I got pregnant at the end of July, and I didn’t even realize I was pregnant until the end of August. I don’t know how women that are due in the middle of summer do it. I’m not even halfway and I feel sweaty and lazy and sticky and exhausted. I feel like I weigh twice as much as I actually do, and I feel guilty because all I ever want to do is lay in front of the air conditioner. But, swimming is nice. So there’s that.

I had my second OB appointment yesterday. I weighed in at 132lbs, so I’ve gained half a pound since last week, and I’m up 12lbs total since the beginning of my pregnancy. All in the belly, oh yeah. My uterus is growing well, and the baby has a nice strong heartbeat. What the heartbeat is, exactly, I don’t know, because she didn’t give me a number. I’m kind of having doubts about not taking peoples suggestions and going with a midwife. My doctor is a lovely woman, she’s very friendly and efficient, but she is so rushed. My appointment yesterday was 50 minutes of waiting, and maybe 5 minutes with the doctor. I didn’t even get a chance to ask about the headaches I’ve been having, since she was out the door before I’d even finished wiping the doppler goo off my belly. When she came in the room initially she had to ask me how far along I am, and what the date of my last period was… even if I had the ultrasound and bloodwork she sent me for! I just wish it were a more personal experience. Today I feel really tired, and every time I stand up everything starts to go black and I have to lean against something to wait for it to pass. I’m also right by the A/C and I still feel hot. I’m not sure if I should be calling in, or if I should just relax. For now, I’m just going to take it easy, get plenty of fluids, and healthy snacks, and hopefully I’ll feel better in a while.

On the bright side, my anatomy scan is scheduled for next Friday, which just so happens to be M’s 40th birthday! It’s funny how that worked out, after my dating scan was on Fathers Day. Lucky duck!

Last Friday we made the trip to Dover on the Harley for Friday the 13th. It was pure insanity, a record breaking day for the event. On our ride in, we were behind an accident – thankfully nothing major, a guy on a chopper almost missed his turn, hit the brakes and tried to make it, but didn’t. He cut up his knee pretty badly, and had a minor puncture wound on the back of his leg, but otherwise he was OK. We actually ended up running into him later on in the day and hanging out with him and his friend. Dover was packed, it was hot (to illustrate how hot, a quick anecdote from the day – while sitting on a curb, my heeled riding boots actually sank into the asphalt. They made holes in the road), and difficult to manoever while pregnant. I had an alright time, nowhere near as much fun as I’ve had in the past. I’m not sure if I’d go again while pregnant. I did get the Sons of Anarchy shirt I wanted though! 🙂

The rest of the weekend and this week so far was pretty uneventful. Just some housework on Saturday, followed by a full day in bed Sunday, and a trip to the pool yesterday. Why I choose to walk the kids 10 minutes down the road to use the pool at the park when we could easily step into our backyard and use ours is beyond me. Exercise? I’ll go with that. I did have a laugh at my total biatch of a neighbor posing on the side of the pool like she’s hot stuff once she noticed I was there. She sort of resembles a shar-pei if you ask me. All droopy skin and wrinkles. Blegh.

I’m off again on Friday, so I’ll update then if anything interesting should happen, which I doubt. If not, I’ll have lots to blabber on about next week. We have a busy weekend coming up!

OH! On Sunday I scored a brand new Graco highchair for $30. Hooray for Kijiji!

Ciao for now!

Almost halfway.

11 Jul

I’ve been thinking lately, about how insane it is that I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy. I’m 17 weeks on Friday, so that leaves 3 to go. It’s sad, in a way. Of course I’m ridiculously excited to meet our little one, but at the same time I just really love being pregnant. I love watching my body grow and change, I love feeling the baby move, from the gentle flutters to the elbow jabs. If I had the patience, I would honestly be like a Duggar, and just pop out baby after baby. Maybe I should look into being a surrogate one day. Or convincing M we should try for “just one more”… hehe.

I feel quite a bit of movement from Jax now, it’s almost like there is a fish swimming around in there. I picture him doing barrel rolls and somersaults. My boobs have started leaking (hooray!….um, no.) which I think freaks M out, but at least now I don’t have to worry about him playing with them too much. It still really bothers me. Damn sensitive nipples. My bladder is approximately the size of a pea, I’m getting chronic headaches that nothing helps, my left leg goes numb if I’m standing/walking too long, and my left ear pops randomly, so my voice echoes in my head… so annoying. Overall though, I feel really good. I feel at peace with myself. Not necessarily with others, but with myself. Oh, and I found a new obsession.


Oh. My. God. Why have I not worn these sooner? Soooo comfortable. I don’t ever want to take them off. They’re on sale at Walmart for $7 right now… I think I should grab a few more pairs.

We’ve got a busy week coming up. Quarry Day tomorrow with a bunch of friends and their kids, and then Friday the 13th in Port Dover on Friday. Yay! In case you were wondering, Quarry Day consists of a whole bunch of us going to the Quarry (you don’t say?) to picnic, swim, and enjoy the sun. Which reminds me, must tell M to dig out the kids life jackets. I’ve got my own personal floatation devices built into my chest, but those aren’t of much use to others.

I had so much to write and I’m having the biggest brain fart right now. I think I’ll have to come back later and update. M is bringing me an iced coffee from Timmy’s, maybe that will get my brain going.

Canada Day weekend and a much needed thunderstorm.

3 Jul

This past weekend was Canada Day weekend, and we spent it the way many Canadians do; with family, and lots of fun in the sun. We attended a wedding on Saturday, in which B was a junior bridesmaid. It was a smaller, backyard wedding, so family members did all the cooking, and oh my gosh, I can’t stop thinking about the food! I even came home with a new recipe – Loaded Potato Salad. You know loaded baked potatoes, with sour cream, cheese, bacon, and chives? It’s that, but in potato salad form (and some mayo in with the sour cream). I’m pretty sure I ate half the bowl.

Sunday was Canada Day, and we hit three different spots. First stop was Flavours of Niagara, a food and wine festival set in Port Colborne. We weren’t there for long, since there was really nothing for the kids to do, other than play at the park. After that, we headed to Memorial Park in Welland for some live entertainment, and the kids swam, played at the park, and in the splash pad. Finally, we headed to the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie, where the kids rode the rides, Mike and I scoped out the vendors and did a little shopping, and we all enjoyed the fireworks display (even though it started half an hour sooner than advertised, and we almost missed it). I can’t count the number of times my left leg went numb from all the standing and walking, and by the end of the night my back was pretty sore, but the kids had a blast, M and I enjoyed the quality family time, and all in all it was a nice Canada Day. It wasn’t quite the same without a few ice cold beers, but that’s a small sacrifice to make when next year we’ll be celebrating Canada Day with our new baby!!!

I won’t bore you with the details of Monday, instead, just listen to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. It’s a pretty accurate description of our day. Today is seeing thunderstorms, kids that are complaining and bickering back and forth because they can’t play outside, and me following them around trying to keep this house somewhat tidy. I will admit I had a meltdown this morning, after I woke up to the living room completely destroyed, milk all over the kitchen counter, and dog food all over the floor. I found myself thinking “Why am I having another kid when the ones I already have make me want to tear my hair out?”. Luckily for them (and me), they know that when I’m mad, to just do what I say and keep quiet about it, everything is smoothed over now, and they’re playing a nice, quiet game of cards while I enjoy my “mommy time” on the computer. Which, in case you were wondering, involves me making virtual wishlists of baby items so that when we start really shopping, I’m organized. I love lists!

Well, that’s it for today. Nothing really interesting, just me trying to keep on top of this blogging thing. I feel like if I go too long without posting I’ll end up abandoning ship.

Oh! One last thing. I believe I mentioned before, T is an ADHD kid. If I didn’t, now you know. We made the decision to take him off his meds for the summer because he responds really well to the routine and discipline/reward system we enforce. So far he’s been off them for two days, and he’s doing really well, knock on wood.