Canada Day weekend and a much needed thunderstorm.

3 Jul

This past weekend was Canada Day weekend, and we spent it the way many Canadians do; with family, and lots of fun in the sun. We attended a wedding on Saturday, in which B was a junior bridesmaid. It was a smaller, backyard wedding, so family members did all the cooking, and oh my gosh, I can’t stop thinking about the food! I even came home with a new recipe – Loaded Potato Salad. You know loaded baked potatoes, with sour cream, cheese, bacon, and chives? It’s that, but in potato salad form (and some mayo in with the sour cream). I’m pretty sure I ate half the bowl.

Sunday was Canada Day, and we hit three different spots. First stop was Flavours of Niagara, a food and wine festival set in Port Colborne. We weren’t there for long, since there was really nothing for the kids to do, other than play at the park. After that, we headed to Memorial Park in Welland for some live entertainment, and the kids swam, played at the park, and in the splash pad. Finally, we headed to the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie, where the kids rode the rides, Mike and I scoped out the vendors and did a little shopping, and we all enjoyed the fireworks display (even though it started half an hour sooner than advertised, and we almost missed it). I can’t count the number of times my left leg went numb from all the standing and walking, and by the end of the night my back was pretty sore, but the kids had a blast, M and I enjoyed the quality family time, and all in all it was a nice Canada Day. It wasn’t quite the same without a few ice cold beers, but that’s a small sacrifice to make when next year we’ll be celebrating Canada Day with our new baby!!!

I won’t bore you with the details of Monday, instead, just listen to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. It’s a pretty accurate description of our day. Today is seeing thunderstorms, kids that are complaining and bickering back and forth because they can’t play outside, and me following them around trying to keep this house somewhat tidy. I will admit I had a meltdown this morning, after I woke up to the living room completely destroyed, milk all over the kitchen counter, and dog food all over the floor. I found myself thinking “Why am I having another kid when the ones I already have make me want to tear my hair out?”. Luckily for them (and me), they know that when I’m mad, to just do what I say and keep quiet about it, everything is smoothed over now, and they’re playing a nice, quiet game of cards while I enjoy my “mommy time” on the computer. Which, in case you were wondering, involves me making virtual wishlists of baby items so that when we start really shopping, I’m organized. I love lists!

Well, that’s it for today. Nothing really interesting, just me trying to keep on top of this blogging thing. I feel like if I go too long without posting I’ll end up abandoning ship.

Oh! One last thing. I believe I mentioned before, T is an ADHD kid. If I didn’t, now you know. We made the decision to take him off his meds for the summer because he responds really well to the routine and discipline/reward system we enforce. So far he’s been off them for two days, and he’s doing really well, knock on wood.


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