Bitchy McBitcherson.

30 Jul

I am one crabby preggo lately. Seriously, I am full blown snapping at the slightest thing. The kids have me tearing my hair out, because as much as I want to just ground them to their rooms all summer so that I don’t have to clean up their shit or break up arguments, that’s not fair, and so I suffer. Asshole strangers in stores are conspiring against me, blocking me from getting my munchables with their carts after making eye contact and seeing that I clearly want to grab that bag of cheetos there. And don’t get me started on people stopping by to visit without checking it’s OK first. I value my peace and quiet very much when I can get it. Don’t interrupt me.

Todays bitch? My neighbour/friend across the road is totally stepping on my toes when it comes to B. Calling her “the daughter she never had”, having her over to play but not bothering to get her back in time when she knows we have plans, undermining me when it comes to our family rules… I’m getting to the point where I don’t want B to go over there to play anymore, because this woman clearly thinks she runs her life. I’m sorry, but no. She is NOT your daughter, she is mine. If I say she has to wear a life jacket when we swim in the Quarry and not just use a pool noodle, she WILL wear that life jacket. Not to mention, if T goes over with B to play with my neighbours son (we’ll call him W), within half an hour T is sent home because W picks on him but knows how to hide it, and so T becomes the scapegoat for reacting. She always wants to take B places with her, but T is never included (poor little guy), and gets upset. I have to go and bring B home for dinner, because apparently neighbour thinks that she doesn’t need to eat and there have been nights where I’ve said “you know what, lets see if neighbour has any common sense and sends B home for dinner”… B wasn’t home until 9 and she was starved. Today, B has cheer practice. She went to play with W, neighbour knowing B had to be back after lunch to get ready… it is 2:10 right now, she’s being picked up at 3, and I just had to send for her because neighbour couldn’t be bothered sending her home. I am beyond furious, but quite frankly, all our neighbours are mega assholes, and we at least get along with these ones so I have to be delicate dealing with this and I’m just not sure how. UGH.

/Vent over. I apologize if that didn’t make much sense.


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