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The First Day of Fall!

21 Sep

A cheerful post today, because it’s Friday, and officially FALL, and it’s been a really good day for everyone here!

I had an unexpected day-date with two of my sisters-in-law today. It was supposed to be a coffee date, but somehow we ended up at Burger King for Angry Whoppers, and then we decided to drive out to M’s work and surprise him with coffee, gifts, and cards, since today is a very special day for him. I won’t disclose exactly why since it’s extremely personal, but it marks his 15th anniversary of the day he turned his life around. Obviously I didn’t know him at the time, but he’s important to me and so today is too. So, hooray for M!

T had a fantastic day at school. A “two-thumbs-up” day, as he calls it. He even received a medal, which we hung up on display in his room. He is just so proud of himself and that medal. I won’t lie, I had tears in my eyes when he rushed to show me. I need to think of some kind of special treat for him tonight. It’s been so downhill for him at school lately, and I really want to encourage him as much as possible.

B made the track and field team, so she’s throwing herself into practicing that. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know she was into track at all. I know she wants to try out for volleyball when she’s old enough, and obviously she’s huge into cheer, so this came as a surprise. Nonetheless, I think it’s awesome that she made the team and I know she’ll do well.

All in all, it has been a fantastic Friday. Oooh, alliteration. This weekend brings the Wainfleet Fall Fair, and hopefully I’ll be able to twist M’s arm into going shopping for a few more maternity pieces. I need sweaters and layering shirts!

I hope you all have a great first weekend of Fall!



18 Sep

So about 10 minutes ago I got a call from T’s school. T had been “targeting” another child on the bus this morning, and this afternoon at school had been very aggressive towards others, was refusing to do his work, and being completely uncooperative. His teacher, and other support staff, were concerned about putting him on the bus home (for good reason), and asked if there was any way he could be picked up from school. I don’t drive, and his school is 20 minutes out of town, so of course I had to call M, and he has to leave work to go and pick him up. I just can’t do this for another year. We’re 3 weeks into school and already the phone calls have started. He’s going to lose his bus privileges, and then how is he supposed to get to and from school? I don’t drive, and M can’t leave work every morning at 8, take him in, and then leave again at 2:30.  I just don’t know what to do. More than anything I think I’m mad at the association and the doctor who is supposed to be helping T, yet won’t return my calls. M has even been into the office and spoke with them, and for what? It didn’t make a difference. Short of going in there myself and throwing a complete hissy fit until the doctor speaks with me right then and there, I don’t know what else to do.

I don’t want T to be labeled as a bully. I don’t want him to be the “bad kid” that no one wants to invite to birthday parties and playdates. I want him to do well in school, and have friends, and get to be a part of things. My heart aches for him because he wants so badly to be good but he just can’t. He needs help and I want to get it for him, but the only people who can help him don’t care. I’m so frustrated and I feel so alone. I just can’t do this anymore. I’m supposed to be strong but I just don’t have it in me anymore. I don’t know what to do.

Money, money, money.

17 Sep

I’m feeling a little stressed out on this beautiful, sunny Monday. Why?

Money. Chunks of metal, pieces of paper. It sounds so insignificant when I put it that way, doesn’t it?

The fact of the matter is, we are accustomed to our way of living, and it’s got us in a little bit of trouble. M has an electronics fetish, I like to shop, and we live in an area where there is precious little to do with kids that doesn’t cost money. Now with a baby on the way, we’re feeling the crunch. It’s not that we’re in danger of having our hydro shut off, or worrying how to put food on the table, it’s just that we can’t throw money away on frivolities like we used to. A well padded savings account is more important than the latest game console or a pair of designer stilettos. It doesn’t sound like a tough lesson to learn, but it’s really hard to say no sometimes.

Since I am at home presently and not making money, I feel it is my job to figure out how we can best cut back and save money. I’m listing some of my money saving efforts here, both so I can see where I could improve, and so you can put some of these to use yourself if you don’t already.

– I coupon, price match, and stockpile non-perishables (I watch for sales like a hawk!)

– I only use major appliances (laundry machines, dishwasher) at off peak times and only do laundry with cold water. I also skip the rinse cycle on my dishwasher and let them air dry. Our appliances are all Energy Star as well.

–  I’m obsessed with making sure things are turned off and unplugged when not in use (seriously, you should hear me when the kids leave the lights on in their rooms)

– I cook and bake from scratch instead of paying the extra for premade.

– I think I have finally persuaded M into getting rid of the home phone, which will be a savings of $25 a month for us. That may not sound like much, but it’s $25 that can be put into savings or toward bills.

– …and I’m working on convincing him to cut up some credit cards as well. As it stands right now, all of his credit cards are in my possession, so he can’t impulse buy.

– I buy used when I can. Furniture, clothing, books, etc. I L.O.V.E Value Village.

– I am brushing up on DIY skills and techniques. M is already pretty handy but I’d like to learn too. My biggest accomplishment recently is the rocker in the nursery. The chair was a vintage find for $35, and the fabric cost $50. Really, we overspent on the fabric because we bought too much, but still, $85 for a beautiful custom rocker is fantastic compared to the $200+ price tag you see in stores, and I saved all the excess fabric for another project.

– We don’t turn the heat up quite so high in the winter months, and instead wear thick socks, sweaters, and cuddle up under blankets.

– To cut back on laundry, we will wear jeans and sweaters twice before washing, so long as they haven’t got dirty or stinky.

– I shower every other day as opposed to daily. It saves water, energy, and my hair and skin.

– I cut my family’s hair. There’s absolutely nothing to cutting a boys hair, and trimming girls hair is easy too. Even my own!

– I shop AFTER the season. Halloween decorations… AFTER halloween. Christmas decorations… AFTER Christmas. I sometimes take advantage of the post-Christmas sales too and stock up on a few unisex toys to send the kids to birthday parties with.

I’m sure there’s more, but I just can’t think right now. The kids are running in and out and slamming the door every time. I think I may have a meltdown if I hear my windows shake once more. If you have any tips you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments!

The Nursery!

12 Sep

The nursery is finally painted! I am so over the moon. The rug is in, the furniture is put together, and my ugly chair has been reupholstered. It is gorgeous, it is serene, I want to sleep in there. I’m sort of jealous of the baby, actually. It’s not 100% complete, but all that’s left is to find shelving for the closet, hang some shelves on the walls, find crib bedding that’s not themey, and all my other crafty/decorative “stuff” as M would say. Here’s a glimpse at where my little prince will be sleeping:

The Nursery – Before


Jax’s beautiful, beautiful crib.

Little baby pajamas!

Dresser and “stuff”

My super handy husband produced this masterpiece for me last night. I can only take credit for having faith in an ugly ass rocking chair, and choosing the fabric.

Ugly Chair!
Ugly Chair! (a $35 thrift find)

Pretty Chair
Pretty Chair!

A side-by-side comparison. You’d never guess it was the same chair.

I’m beyond thrilled with how it all came together. M and I are a great time when it comes to home improvement. I have the vision, he has the skills to bring it to life. Now that the basics are there, I’m so ready to start crafting. Speaking of, I’ve procrastinated enough so far this morning… I need to get my housework done so I can spend a lazy afternoon finding projects on pinterest.

Back to school, the first week: Success!

7 Sep

 So, I thought I’d have more time to blog now that the kids are back in school, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve been on a mega cleaning kick, maybe I’m nesting early?

The kids first week of school has come and gone, and it went well for both of them. Here they are before heading out in the morning.Image


We hit a few speed bumps on T’s first 2 days, regarding transportation now that he’s going to school out of town. He hasn’t been assigned to a bus yet, and since this is due to the school’s fuck up, they’re paying for him to be cabbed there and back. Fine with me, except for when his cab driver on the first day of school is not only late getting to our house, butalso  fucking 100 years old and brain dead. I actually stood in my driveway arguing with him for 15 minutes about how to get to the school. Then he argued with dispatch because they were telling him the same thing I was. Eventually he got it through his head that I was right (of course I was, I always am. Clearly Mr. Cabbie doesn’t know me), and off they went. I did call the school though, and complain about the driver that was sent, and requested a call when T signed in. He didn’t start his first day of school until 10:30. Jesus Christ.

Then the second day, the cab came 15 minutes early. Thank god I didn’t decide to sleep in an extra 15 minutes.

Since then, everything’s been smooth sailing. It’s Friday already, and I’m 25 weeks today! I’m coming up on my third trimester way too quickly. Also, this little one seems to take great pleasure in kicking me in the crotch, and I’m like buddy, you’re gonna be doing enough damage down there in 3 1/2 months, lets ease up on my nether-regions, mmm’kay? I managed to yoga him out of his feet down position this morning after a full day of vaginal kickboxing classes. Hallelujah.

M and I are getting to work on the nursery this weekend. I lit a fire under his ass the other day by telling him I want it finished before we hit December. He’s going to finish mudding and sanding, then he’ll primer, and we’ll both paint. I’m refinishing a dresser, and we’re going to set up the crib. Ok, M is going to set up the crib. I’m going to take pictures and laugh at him when he can’t figure it out.

Also, I’m hopefully going to find reasonably priced maternity jeans that don’t make my ass look saggy. Shudder. Wish me luck! If I find some, I’ll try to throw together a fall outfit post. I’m so excited for chunky sweaters, jeans, and boots!

Until next week!