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The First Day of Fall!

21 Sep

A cheerful post today, because it’s Friday, and officially FALL, and it’s been a really good day for everyone here!

I had an unexpected day-date with two of my sisters-in-law today. It was supposed to be a coffee date, but somehow we ended up at Burger King for Angry Whoppers, and then we decided to drive out to M’s work and surprise him with coffee, gifts, and cards, since today is a very special day for him. I won’t disclose exactly why since it’s extremely personal, but it marks his 15th anniversary of the day he turned his life around. Obviously I didn’t know him at the time, but he’s important to me and so today is too. So, hooray for M!

T had a fantastic day at school. A “two-thumbs-up” day, as he calls it. He even received a medal, which we hung up on display in his room. He is just so proud of himself and that medal. I won’t lie, I had tears in my eyes when he rushed to show me. I need to think of some kind of special treat for him tonight. It’s been so downhill for him at school lately, and I really want to encourage him as much as possible.

B made the track and field team, so she’s throwing herself into practicing that. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know she was into track at all. I know she wants to try out for volleyball when she’s old enough, and obviously she’s huge into cheer, so this came as a surprise. Nonetheless, I think it’s awesome that she made the team and I know she’ll do well.

All in all, it has been a fantastic Friday. Oooh, alliteration. This weekend brings the Wainfleet Fall Fair, and hopefully I’ll be able to twist M’s arm into going shopping for a few more maternity pieces. I need sweaters and layering shirts!

I hope you all have a great first weekend of Fall!


After the rain…

7 Aug

After last weeks little meltdown, I think it’s time for a happier post. Nothing much has gone on lately, so we may just end up with a bunch of pointless rambling. I think that’s quite likely, actually.

M has been super sick lately. We think it’s a combination of a flu virus and inhalation of drywall dust. I say “we think” because as a man, of course he’s too stubborn to go to the doctor. Even though over the course of 3 days he got a total of maybe 5 hours sleep, threw up numerous times, and was just generally hurting and miserable and bedridden. Thankfully he brought home a proper mask to finish sanding T’s new room, and yesterday proclaimed he felt much better. We actually left the house! Hooray! It still sucks that our long weekend together was such a bummer though.

Speaking of weekends… Next weekend we’re heading down to Windsor to pick up my little sister! She’ll be staying with us for 2 weeks, so I most likely won’t be posting anything until the end of the month. I’m so excited to see her, because A) She’s my sister and my best friend, and B) I could use an extra pair of hands getting some stuff done around here. Yep, I’m putting her to work. She doesn’t know it yet, but she will! Muahahahahahahaha.

Jax is steadily getting more and more active. Or maybe just stronger, so I’m feeling more. Either way, at all times it’s feels like he’s running out of room, there’s always a head or a butt or a knee poking out. I can actually see his movements now which is cool, like waves going across my belly when he rolls around, and little pops when he punches or kicks. When M and I lay down together at night I think I spend more time watching my belly move than watching TV. TV shows come and go, this might be the last time I’m pregnant and I’m going to enjoy every damn second of it! My appetite is ridiculous lately, and my cravings will be the death of me. I wish just for once, I could crave a food that I actually have in the house. Instead of Burger King (across town), chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (M had to go to 5 different grocery stores to find some. Yes, 5), or flippin’ lobster. OH, and speaking of cookie dough ice cream, and M searching all over town for it… The only brand he could find was President’s Choice, and there’s fucking coconut flakes in the dough chunks. Why? Who the hell thought coconut flakes have any place in chocolate chip cookie dough? It’s outrageous, and quite frankly, ruins the ice cream. It sucks, because I’ve been craving it for so long, and I finally have it, but I don’t even want to eat it now because of the stupid coconut. WHY?

I ordered the kids backpacks and lunch bags and school clothes from Old Navy today. Picked up a bunch of supplies at Staples’ awesome sale over the weekend too… Counting down the days… They’re starting to drive me bat shit crazy, they really are. Sometimes I wonder if it would be considered abuse if I duct taped their mouths shut, just for an hour. I guess it probably would though, so I soldier on. I cannot freakin’ wait to be able to do my yoga and pilates again. FREEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM! For a few months, anyway.

Until next time!

Is it Friday yet?

25 Jul

I have had such a crappy past few days. T’s ADHD is just getting progressivly more difficult for me to handle the bigger my belly gets. I think I’m going to have to set up an appointment with the doctor sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, we discovered that he is getting back into his old habit of stealing food from the kitchen. Since he gets up at the crack of dawn, he’s using the time before I wake up to go and help himself to whatever he pleases. I did a little research and was slightly comforted to find that this could very well be due to his ADHD, that a lot of ADHD kids use food as a way to comfort and calm themselves. At any rate, we can’t let it go on or he’s going to end up obese, and I’ll go broke trying to replace all the food he’s eating. So, we have resorted to locking the kitchen door until I wake up for the time being. This is not something I want to be doing forever though, so hopefully once I get T back in with a psychologist and back on his meds it will ease off. I was also told that green tea has a calming effect, so I may try that out after more research.

Yesterdays events already had me feeling like I wanted to scream/cry/beat up my pillows. Then today rolls around.

B and T went to the park down the road with some of B’s friends. I enjoy the peace and quiet, have a nice shower, get some cleaning done, and then B comes in the house and tells me there is a lady outside to see me. Uh oh. So I go to the door, and a very nice woman informs me that Tristan had CLIMBED ON TOP OF A FUCKING 2 STORY SLIDE ENCLOSURE AND GOT STUCK. They had to call park maintenance to get him down. I am so, so thankful that he didn’t fall, but even more so I am furious that he didn’t listen to my park safety rules. Needless to say, the kids are no longer allowed to make the trek to the park themselves, or I fear I may lose my mind and end up committed.

And for the rest of the day, I have been fighting back tears.
But, on a cheerful note, M just pulled in the driveway, so I’ll cut this short and post again tomorrow.

14 weeks!

26 Jun

I’m a little upset with myself for not making time to post sooner than this, but the end of last week was super busy, and it’s hard to blog on days I’m babysitting. At least I’m still managing to uphold my commitment.

Saturday was B’s birthday. She decided on a pool party/sleepover. Relatively low key, which is nice, but it was a scorcher that day, and pregnant + hot = Not so fun. Our backyard has practically zero shade, thanks to our awning that used to be attached to the side of the house coming crashing down on our heads last winter (our fault, since we forgot to roll it up BEFORE it snowed… D’OH!). But all in all, Bailey and her friends had a fantastic time, so I was happy. And exhausted. No rest for the wicked though, as Sunday saw the Rose Parade in town. At least it wasn’t hot. That was nice.

I am 14 weeks pregnant now… Officially in my second trimester! Yay! The nausea hasn’t completely made itself scarce yet though… I sure hope it’s not going to stick around until little Jaxson makes his appearance. I was hoping my food aversions/ridiculous pickiness would go away too, but alas, I still only ever want to eat completely unnattainable foods. From my childhood. In England. They don’t even exist here! Seriously contemplating getting some relatives to send over care packages. Hubby was giving me the side eye last night when I came to bed with a cheese and onion (raw) sandwich. I don’t care, it was delicious. And besides, yesterday he was chewing Thrills gum, who’s slogan is “It still tastes like soap!”. He made me try a piece. It does. Barf.

On the bright side… I felt Jaxson move yesterday!!!

I think. I’m 98% it was him. It was definitely not gas, and unless my intestines or whatever decided to suddenly punch me, I would say it was a nudge from my little one. Mike has his hand on my belly constantly while we’re lying down, and on Sunday he swore he felt a kick… but I didn’t feel anything. And believe me, I’m hyper-aware of this stuff right now. I told him there’s no way, since I didn’t feel anything, and looking back, that was kinda mean of me. I should have just let him be happy and bask in the glow of his sons ‘kick’. Oops. Bad wifey.

T’s ADHD meds (Concerta) seem to be doing absolutely nothing for him after only 5 short months. Since I feel he really only needs them for school, as I have the opportunity and time to be one on one with him here at home, I’m taking him off them for the summer at the doctors OK. Why should I be putting $100 a month medication into T’s system if it’s not helping him? He’s been accepted into a school that caters specifically to children with behavioural disorders starting next year which I’m touring on Thursday, so I think I’ll keep him off meds until he starts, and go from there. It just saddens me so much, he was doing so well for a few months, and now it seems we’re back to square one, he’s aggressive and disruptive, can’t focus, is putting himself at risk of getting hurt… I broke down and cried after the report from his school yesterday. 2 more days. Only 2 more days and then he’s my sweet boy all summer. School is so frustrating for him.

I decided I’m adding some pilates and a little extra cardio to my current pregnancy workout regime of yoga. Wrapping this up now to fit one more quick routine before I’m off to the school to pick T up, I’ll be back in a day or two (depending on how interesting my life is these next few days).

Intro to me!

21 Jun

My name’s Jenn. I’m engaged to the man of my dreams, M, and together we are raising my 6 year old son, T, and his 9 year old daughter, B. Just about 10 weeks ago, we discovered that after a year of trying, we are finally expecting another child, which is the whole inspiration for this blog. A place where I can be frank and honest about my thoughts, feelings, symptoms, cravings, and all the other trappings of pregnancy.

As of today, I am 13 weeks, 6 days pregnant, although you wouldn’t guess from looking at me. That doesn’t mean I’m not showing at all… the complete opposite, in fact.  Thinking back to being pregnant with T, I’d say I look now what I looked like then at about 20 weeks. There’s definitely only one in there, and that one is likely a boy, according to the ultrasound we just had done on Sunday. I know there’s a chance it could be wrong, but for simplicities sake, I’m going to refer to the baby as a boy. I just hate when people refer to unborn babies as “it”, and typing “the baby” again and again is too much effort for me these days. So far I don’t think I’ve felt him move, but I am impatiently waiting. I almost forget what it’s like to sleep, food is my best friend (I am relatively healthy, so there. No one ever got fat off of watermelon and grapes), my sex drive is almost non-existent (poor hubs), and we’re only on the second day of summer and the heat already has me wanting to kick puppies. I love puppies. Oh, also, my boobs feel like they weigh 100lbs each, but the lovely lady who measured me at La Senza says they haven’t grown. Hmph.

In case you were wondering what I look like:


That’ll have to do for now.