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The First Day of Fall!

21 Sep

A cheerful post today, because it’s Friday, and officially FALL, and it’s been a really good day for everyone here!

I had an unexpected day-date with two of my sisters-in-law today. It was supposed to be a coffee date, but somehow we ended up at Burger King for Angry Whoppers, and then we decided to drive out to M’s work and surprise him with coffee, gifts, and cards, since today is a very special day for him. I won’t disclose exactly why since it’s extremely personal, but it marks his 15th anniversary of the day he turned his life around. Obviously I didn’t know him at the time, but he’s important to me and so today is too. So, hooray for M!

T had a fantastic day at school. A “two-thumbs-up” day, as he calls it. He even received a medal, which we hung up on display in his room. He is just so proud of himself and that medal. I won’t lie, I had tears in my eyes when he rushed to show me. I need to think of some kind of special treat for him tonight. It’s been so downhill for him at school lately, and I really want to encourage him as much as possible.

B made the track and field team, so she’s throwing herself into practicing that. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know she was into track at all. I know she wants to try out for volleyball when she’s old enough, and obviously she’s huge into cheer, so this came as a surprise. Nonetheless, I think it’s awesome that she made the team and I know she’ll do well.

All in all, it has been a fantastic Friday. Oooh, alliteration. This weekend brings the Wainfleet Fall Fair, and hopefully I’ll be able to twist M’s arm into going shopping for a few more maternity pieces. I need sweaters and layering shirts!

I hope you all have a great first weekend of Fall!


Almost halfway.

11 Jul

I’ve been thinking lately, about how insane it is that I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy. I’m 17 weeks on Friday, so that leaves 3 to go. It’s sad, in a way. Of course I’m ridiculously excited to meet our little one, but at the same time I just really love being pregnant. I love watching my body grow and change, I love feeling the baby move, from the gentle flutters to the elbow jabs. If I had the patience, I would honestly be like a Duggar, and just pop out baby after baby. Maybe I should look into being a surrogate one day. Or convincing M we should try for “just one more”… hehe.

I feel quite a bit of movement from Jax now, it’s almost like there is a fish swimming around in there. I picture him doing barrel rolls and somersaults. My boobs have started leaking (hooray!….um, no.) which I think freaks M out, but at least now I don’t have to worry about him playing with them too much. It still really bothers me. Damn sensitive nipples. My bladder is approximately the size of a pea, I’m getting chronic headaches that nothing helps, my left leg goes numb if I’m standing/walking too long, and my left ear pops randomly, so my voice echoes in my head… so annoying. Overall though, I feel really good. I feel at peace with myself. Not necessarily with others, but with myself. Oh, and I found a new obsession.


Oh. My. God. Why have I not worn these sooner? Soooo comfortable. I don’t ever want to take them off. They’re on sale at Walmart for $7 right now… I think I should grab a few more pairs.

We’ve got a busy week coming up. Quarry Day tomorrow with a bunch of friends and their kids, and then Friday the 13th in Port Dover on Friday. Yay! In case you were wondering, Quarry Day consists of a whole bunch of us going to the Quarry (you don’t say?) to picnic, swim, and enjoy the sun. Which reminds me, must tell M to dig out the kids life jackets. I’ve got my own personal floatation devices built into my chest, but those aren’t of much use to others.

I had so much to write and I’m having the biggest brain fart right now. I think I’ll have to come back later and update. M is bringing me an iced coffee from Timmy’s, maybe that will get my brain going.